Deep Space Photography
Gallery Journal

This is a journal or log of my learning experience. I am dividing this up by iteration, each iteration being a sort of learning focus, or distinct period of time. This hobby seems to be short on any organized methodology to learning Astrophotography. As a result, I have chosen to journal my learning journey as an attempt to refine my own approach to this medium.

I am sure that I have many false assumptions and will make countless errors, but I hope in journalism this, I can go back and over my steps in hindsight and refine my approach.

As of now, there is no methodology. I have bought some tools and software, and a few books, and I am setting out to learn
Iteration 1:

I have just finished my roll off roof observatory in my back yard. I found this to be convenient, as it allows me a place to work in close proximity to home, and allows me quick access to my tools after long days at work. I have a C14 (EdgeHD) for a scope with the CGE pro mount. Gaye Rigsby of our club built my pier. I have an SBIG 4000XCM, and Stellarvue Nighthawk with an Orion guider. I have decided to start using my Canon 20D. I tried the SBIG, but the post processing, and software seem complicated. So for my first iteration, I am using the 20D with a hand timer, and I am taking single shots. This allows me to learn my scope and its mount. The goal of this iteration is to learn the mount and the scope.
Iteration 2:

I have learned how to calibrate my mount, polar align it with the Celestron polar align tool, and how to guide with PHD. I have moved to my SBIG and I am focusing on data acquisition, further mount calibration, and better guiding. I have changed the stellarvue to a William Optics 98 FLT and the Orion guider to a Starlight Express lodestar. I have no complaints with either previous scope or guider. I am just in a spending mood (I spend, when under stress)
These images are my first attempts at learning ccd stack. I am shying away from post processing work, while I focus on improving guiding, mount alignment/configuration, and focus.

Iteration 3:

I just returned from a four day training seminary with Adam Block as the instructor. The immediate images were collected by Adam prior to our arrival or during our time there. The acquisition work was done solely by Adam. However, what is displayed here are the images processed by me during and after the session. I cannot attribute enough to how much my processing of images has increased from this class. There is a link to Adam's web site.



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