Deep Space Photography
This is a collection of gear used for imaging

Design CDK
OTA PlaneWave 12.5
Aperture 318mm
Focal Ratio f/8
Focal Length 2541mm
Weight 60 lbs
Back Focus from Mounting Surface 10.445 Inch/265mm
Back Focus from Racked in Focuser 7.2 Inch/183mm
Weight (includes manual-focuser and dovetail) 46lbs
Secondary Mirror 4.65 Inch/ Spherical
Primary Mirror 12.5 inch:f/3:Prolate Ellipsoid:
OTA Length 31 Inches/787 mm

Design HW
OTA Hyperian 12.5
Aperture 356mm
Focal Length 2540mm
Weight 60 lbs

Design Refractor
OTA Four Element ED
Aperture 106mm
Focal Length 530mm
Weight 15 lbs
Back Focus 7" (178mm)
Resolution 1.09" (28mm)
F/Ration F/5

Design Refractor
OTA Doublet ED
Aperture 80mm
Focal Length 560mm
Weight 4 lbs
F/Ration F/7
Design Refractor
OTA Triplet ED APO
Aperture 140 mm
Focal Length 980 mm
Weight 19 lbs
F/Ratio F7
Resolution .8 Arc Seconds
Back Focus 6.7in. (170mm)
Design SCT
OTA EdgeHD 14
Aperture 356mm
Focal Length 3910mm
F/Ratio F 10.98
Highest Useful Mag 841
Resolution .39 arcsec
Secondary Obs 114.3 mm (10.3%)
Weight 46 lbs
Design Triplet Apocromatic
OTA Solar HA
Aperture 90 mm
Focal Length 800 mm
Focal Ratio F/8.8
Weight 10.3 lbs
Bandwidth 0.7 Angstrom
Wavelength 6562.8A (H alpha)
Double Stack < .5 Angstrom
Design Triplet Apocromatic
Aperture 98mm
Focal Length 618mm
Focal Ratio F/6.3
Weight 10.3 lbs
* Scope is attached to EdgeHD 14
Design SCT
Aperture 280mm
Focal Length 2800mm
Fcal Ratio F 10
Highest Mag 660
Resolution .5 arcsec
Weight 27 lbs
Type Mono
CCD Kodak KAI 11002M
Auto Guide CCD TC-237
Pixel Array 4008 X 2672
Pixel Dimmensions 36 X 24.7 mm
Pixel Size 9 microns
Weight 4 lbs
Type Monochrome
CCD Kodak KAF 8300
Pixel Array 3326 x 2504
Pixel Dimmensions 17.96 x 13.52 mm
Pixel Size 5.4 microns
Full Well Capacity ~25,500 e-
Exposure .12 - 3600 sec
Weight 1.8 lbs
Temp Sensor .1 C +/-
Anti blooming 1000x
Type Color
CCD Kodak KAI 4020CM
Auto Guide CCD TC-237
Pixel Array 2048 x 2048
Pixel Dimmensions 15.2 x 15.2 mm
Pixel Size 7 microns
Full Well Capacity ~35,500 e-
Exposure .001 - 3600 sec
Weight 2 lbs
Temp Sensor .1 C +/-
Anti blooming Standard
CCD Texas Instruments TC-237
Pixel Array 16 bit 657x495
Weight .5lbs
Pixels 340,000 Pixels per Field
Pixel Size 7.4-μm Square Pixels
Bloom Advanced Lateral Overflow Drain
Indian Trail, NC

Rochester, NY

Taxahauw, SC

Rodeo, NM