Deep Space Photography
This is a collection of gear used for imaging
CCD Kodak KAI 4022CCM
Pixel Array 2048 by 2048
CCD Size 15.2 by 15.2mm
pixel size 7.4 microns
Full Well Capacity 35,000 e- unbinned
70,000 e- binned

Dark Current <0.1e /pixel sec at 0 degree celsius
Anti Blooming Standard
Total Pixels 42 million
Exposure 0.001 to 3600
Full Frame Download 20 seconds
AD Converter 16 bits
AD Gain 0.6 e- unbinned
0.9 e- binned
FLAT Binned 21,000K to 31,000K
FLAT Unbinned 7,000K to 10,000K
Indian Trail, NC

Rochester, NY

Taxahauw, SC

Rodeo, NM